Elevation Church

Sundays at 10:30am at the Chapel at Northwest University

Who We Are

We exist to elevate Jesus to ALL people so that everyone who believes in Him may have eternal life


Elevation Church is focused on three things: loving, connecting, and serving. It’s our goal to be a group of people that is known for the way that we outrageously love the people around us, because that’s what Jesus is doing for us. We want to connect with the Eastside of Seattle on Sunday mornings, but also on weekdays and evenings in

coffeeshops and on sidewalks, like real people. And we want to serve people where they are at – through service in our community, in our families, and through the generosity of our lives. It’s really not that difficult: we want to see real change in our community and show people that God loves them and wants to connect with them.



The Team


The team at Elevation Church is made up of a whole bunch of different people, coming together for one common purpose: to lift Jesus up in Kirkland and around the world. Students, parents, artists, businessmen, doctors, internationals, entrepreneurs – everyday people that make the mission of Elevation Church possible. The leadership team works together to lead the church on Sunday mornings and throughout the week through teaching, connecting, worship, and service.


Happening Now

Sunday Mornings

On Sunday mornings at 10:30, people from all over the Eastside meet at the Chapel at Northwest University for church. Church at Elevation is great. Come a few minutes early and someone will greet you at the door to welcome you and show you where to get some free coffee and a donut. Head into the main auditorium and grab a seat. We’ll sing a few songs about Jesus. We’ll do a little bit of announcements, you’ll meet some more great people, and a pastor will teach from the Bible. We may do another song or two, and we’ll have you out around noon.

During the Week

There are a lot of things going on throughout the week with Elevation Church. We have Community Groups that meet all over the Eastside to do everything from Bible studies to root for the Seahawks. The Elevation team volunteers to clean up Kirkland, cook meals for the homeless, and host community events. Elevation is full of families, students, couples, and kids all coming together to share life together and lift Jesus up on the Eastside and around the world.


1% Campaign

Our goal is to reach 1% of our city in this new season. We will love, connect and serve God and the people of Kirkland and invite you all to join! Greater things have yet to come in this city! Elevate Jesus with us!

Elevation Events Calendar

Stay up to date with all current and upcoming Elevation events with our events calendar!


If you have a question about Elevation Church, would like to get involved, or have a prayer request, contact Elevation through the form below and a member of the team will get back to you quickly.

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Contact Info


5520 108th Ave NE Kirkland, WA 98033
PO Box 514, Kirkland , WA 98011